Best Luggage & Suitcase Reviews 2017

Best Luggage & Suitcase ReviewsLuggage: Nowadays, it’s become a trend travel bags with having some wheels for cozier shifting. Luggage is main a container or a bag in where travelers used to keep their essentials during travelling. These containers or bags are in many colors, shapes, sizes and also made with different materials.

Whatever traveler use a travel bag or large trunks, usually referred as Luggage. Most of the luggages have wheels and a handle to pull it and theses bags are also called Trolley Bags which are mostly found in railway station, bus station or airport. There are many brand of luggages found in market such as – American Tourister, Maxlite, Samsonite etc.

There are many purposes that we need to have luggage for, like-

  1. Luggages are more stylish which may be a part of your personality.
  2. Luggages are mainly multicolored and very affordable in price to buy.
  3. Luggages must have a handle and stylish wheels to pull smoothly in any kind of surface.
  4. Luggage can be made of synthetic metals, steels or hard clothes for preventing damages.
  5. For any domestic or any international trip this is a must to keep travel’s essentials.

Suitcase:Many people think luggage and suitcase are synonymous word but it’s wrong. There are some dissimilarity between suitcase and luggage. Suitcases are mainly rectangular shaped travel bags having a small handle in the middle and have strong lock.

This is a kind of bag having various shapes and capacities, sizes and colors. Basically suitcase is made from hard synthetic metals that can prevent any kind of damages.

Nowadays people prefer the types of suitcase having wheels to pull easily. There are various brand and models of suitcase are available in the market of different price ranges. Suitcase are needed for various purposes such as-

  1. While walking on a rough surface, suitcase can be carried by hands easily.
  2. Due to having strong lock your things are safe enough inside the suitcase.
  3. Suitcase can be kept on the bus or rail compartment’s rack.
  4. Suitcase can be taken to any short trip.
  5. The external body of the suitcase is hard enough to protect your essentials.

Luggage Maxlite 2 Expandable 20-Inch Spinner:

There are various types of luggage in the market which are not always listed as very popular; Maxlite luggage is one of them.

Travelers love this luggage due to its affordability and for using it as their common journeys. This bag is well- designed with durable fabrics and the front zip pocket has a mini secure pocket! It costs only 109$, surprising!! Isn’t it?

Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright:

Briggs & Riley is mostly trust-worthy luxary luggage brand. Though this luggage is much expensive than other luggage, it will definitely ensure you to last longer and durable than other luggage in the market.

It costs about 379$, little expensive! This is a best choice for both domestic and international long trips. It’s a lightweight luggage with 21’’ high for easy transporting.

Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS Spinner :

Expensive luggages are not always the best luggages.  Quality and durability is the most important thing for buying a luggage and Samsonite Fiero Spinner will fulfill your these demands.

This 13’’ high and 20’’ wide silver colored luggage is very stylish and makes your travel more enjoyable because you can carry almost everything. With a little budget; this will be your best choice.

Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Three-Piece Luggage Set:

Traveler’s Choice one of the most favorite luggage brands for the travelers. Nothing can be better than Tasmania 3 piece luggage set for family holiday or long trip.

With 799$, this type of 3 piece branded luggage is rare in market. This black luggage’s durable handle & smooth wheels make your journey more flexible and adventurous.

Samsonite Winfield 2 28- Inch Luggage Fashion HS Spinner:

Among all models of Samsonite luggage, this Winfield 2 is much popular because it is multicolored. All color of models are so beautiful and due to having attractive features, it has become travelers’ favorite.

This 12.5’’ high and 19.75’’ wide stylish luggage can be bought only in 121.38$. it will ensure you durability, flexibility and make your journey more exciting.

American Tourister Pop Spinner – 3 Piece:

American Tourister is the most famous luggage brand over the world. All the model of this brand’s are much expensive than other brands but it will give you confidence and stronger personality than others.

This set of luggages is especially for family trip both in domestic & international travelling.This 10’’ high and 20’’ wider luggage is multicolored and you can use it for many years without repairing!

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Deluxe Voyager Garment Bag:

For individual travel trip or going in a short trip, there is nothing better than this luggage. This luggage is small in size but much wider to take every essential.

The zipper, wheels, handle, lock, pockets are so durable, stylish and lightweight that it definitely makes your journey cozy! This luggage can move both lifting and pulling, smooth enough, isn’t it?

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley:

If you are looking for any hard looking stylish luggage, this can be a better solution for you. The external body of this multicolored luggage is so durable that it can be taken to any place.

By using this 19.5 inch high and 29 inch wide luggage you can put everything from your dress to laptop. It costs only 129$.

 Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag:

Travel bags are cozier than luggages because it takes a little place to keep. Lather bags are basically expensive but Duffle Vecchio brand gives you both a stylish and long lasting bag which is matched to your personality.

The height of this calfskin deep colored travel bag is 11 inch height and 10 inch wide and its price is 199$.

Luggage Maxlite3 22 Inch Expandable Rollaboard:

If you want to buy a stylish and durable luggage in your short budget, this luggage may be the best solution. This multi colored 22 inch high luggage is lightweight to carry and this gives you a life time warranty.

You can use it for your common trips or long trips. As its’ price is 109$ so customers find it affordable and stylish in their budget. If You looking for hiking footwear gear lab this post will give you information about best one.

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